Bethesda: Overhauled ‘Survival’ mode coming to Fallout 4

Updates will enhance playability, improve game says author

Seattle— Bethesda Softworks announced recently that it is updating the console versions of Fallout 4 in the coming weeks, bringing a revamped “Survival” difficulty to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Fallout 4 is a hugely popular open-world role-playing game that was released in 2015 and is available on a variety of platforms. The new update will also include bug fixes, some of which relate to recently released expansion packs Automatron and “Wasteland Workshop.”

Corey Hardin, the author of “Vault Dweller’s Secrets: An Unofficial Guide to Fallout 4. ($12.99, 175 pages, COA Publishing)” said that he’s excited about the new updates.
“These new updates will improve playability and make the game better,” he said.

“How could I not be excited about this development? I’m glad these updates primarily affect more advanced modes of the game though. Otherwise, I’d have to update my book like yesterday.”

Hardin’s book “Vault Dweller’s Secrets” is a 175-page guidebook on the smash hit game. It has information that will help novice players get into the Fallout 4 world while completing the game’s missions. It offers insight and strategy, as well as background information about the world.

“Some of the things you people will learn in my Fallout 4 guide include exploits, bugs and glitches,” Hardin said. “It also contains step-by-step walkthroughs with pictures that show you how to access the game’s Easter Eggs, Power Armor and Exploits, as well as things people new to the game may not know about such as getting unlimited caps, fusion cores, ammo, and XP.”

“Vault Dweller’s Secrets: An Unofficial Guide to Fallout 4” is available for purchase on the Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites.

About the author:
Corey Hardin has been an avid gamer for years. “Vault Dweller’s Secrets: An Unofficial Guide to Fallout 4” is his latest book.


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