Mixer Mania: Mixer Streaming for Beginners

Microsoft’s Mixer, formerly called Beam, is a relatively new and better way to do live broadcast streaming. With a few clicks, you can go live and broadcast your gameplay or other content using your PC, XBox, or phone with minimal latency. Officially launched in early 2016, the free-to-use service focuses on providing live broadcasts related mainly to video games.

Mixer is not the only platform of its kind in the industry. (Competitors include Amazon’s Twitch.tv, and Smashcast.) Though Mixer is not your only option for live broadcasting, it does have a few features that give it an edge when compared to its competitors.

This book, “Mixer Mania: Mixer Streaming for Beginners” is your overview to the service. This book gives a good overview of the history of Mixer, how to get started, setup, and manage a channel on Mixer, as well as how to gain a following and make money on Mixer.