Vault Dweller’s Secrets: An Unauthorized Guide to Fallout 4

The date is October 23, 2287. You wake up to find that the world in which you once called home is a wasteland.

Luckily, just before things went to hell, you, your wife and your son were admitted to Vault 111 and put into stasis. When you finally get your bearings, you realize that your son is missing and your wife is dead. Your mission is to avenge your wife’s death and find your son. Can you do it?

You can if you have a copy of “Vault Dweller’s Secrets: An Unofficial Guide to Fallout 4.” “Vault Dweller’s Secrets” is jam-packed with info to help you immerse yourself in the world of Fallout 4 and complete your mission. Some of the things you will learn in “Vault Dweller’s Secrets” include exploits, bugs and glitches, and a whole lot of things you probably didn’t know before like how to get unlimited caps, fusion cores, ammo, and XP.